HAP 8/24/17

Our first Homeless Art Project (HAP) event went smoothly with a steady pace of attendees and a eager crew, everyone ready to engage and learn about each other.   Individuals were invited to create large format paintings in a free and expressive manner, model for our photographer if they desired, complete writing activities with our friendly and encouraging volunteer english teachers, or get their portrait drawn by one of our featured artists.

As people gathered, stories were told, art was created and people opened up to each other through the magic of art therapy and conversation.

One of our youngest participants created a painting using prints of his hand because ‘everybody needs a hand.’  He has been in foster care since age 8 and is now 20, struggling to make it on his own.  He is a great example of who HAP hopes to work with through art therapy and potentially helping link him to services, leading to jobs and opportunities.

The conversation has started. Join us.